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    • 【问题求解PS】-18359 -OG21新题

      In the figure above, ABCD is a parallelogram and E is the midpoint of side AD. The area of triangular region ABE is what fraction of the area of quadrilateral region BCDE ?

      来源:OG21新题 309人已做 其他难度 63.4%正确率

    • 【问题求解PS】-18357 -OG21新题

      The outer dimensions of a closed rectangular cardboard box are 8 centimeters by 10 centimeters by 12 centimeters, and the six sides of the box are uniformly centimeter thick. A closed canister in the shape of a right circular cylinder is to be placed inside the box so that it stands upright when the box rests on one of its sides. Of all such canisters that would fit, what is the outer radius, in centimeters, of the canister that occupies the maximum volume?

      来源:OG21新题 305人已做 其他难度 49.5%正确率

    • 【问题求解PS】-18356 -OG21新题

      If the length of a diagonal of a square is , what is the area of the square in terms of x ?

      来源:OG21新题 308人已做 其他难度 90.3%正确率

    • 【问题求解PS】-18355 -OG21新题

      Last year Brand X shoes were sold by dealers in 403 different regions worldwide, with an average (arithmetic mean) of 98 dealers per region. If last year these dealers sold an average of 2,488 pairs of Brand X shoes per dealer, which of the following is closest to the total number of pairs of Brand X shoes sold last year by the dealers worldwide?

      来源:OG21新题 306人已做 其他难度 79.4%正确率

    • 【问题求解PS】-18354 -OG21新题

      Carol purchased one basket of fruit consisting of 4 apples and 2 oranges and another basket of fruit consisting of 3 apples and 5 oranges. Carol is to select one piece of fruit at random from each of the two baskets. What is the probability that one of the two pieces of fruit selected will be an apple and the other will be an orange?

      来源:OG21新题 308人已做 其他难度 88.3%正确率

    • 【问题求解PS】-18353 -OG21新题

      If the units digit of is 6, what is the value of k ?

      来源:OG21新题 328人已做 其他难度 73.5%正确率

    • 【问题求解PS】-18352 -OG21新题

      A certain state’s milk production was 980 million pounds in 2007 and 2.7 billion pounds in 2014. Approximately how many more million gallons of milk did the state produce in 2014 than in 2007 ? (1 billion = and 1 gallon = 8.6 pounds.)

      来源:OG21新题 367人已做 其他难度 76.8%正确率

    • 【问题求解PS】-18351 -OG21新题

      For all real numbers a, b, c, d, e, and f, the operation Θ is defined by the equation (a, b, c) Θ (d, e, f) = ad + be + cf. What is the value of (1,-2,3) Θ ?

      来源:OG21新题 368人已做 其他难度 95.1%正确率

    • 【问题求解PS】-18350 -OG21新题

      If z≠0,and ,then w=

      来源:OG21新题 365人已做 其他难度 96.4%正确率

    • 【问题求解PS】-18349 -OG21新题

      If the relations shown hold for the operation ⊕ and the numbers m, n, p, q, and r, then 【(m⊕ p)⊕ q】⊕ p=

      来源:OG21新题 361人已做 其他难度 93.4%正确率

  • 【逻辑CR】

    In parts of South America, vitamin-A deficiency is a serious health problem, especially among children. In one region, agriculturists hope to improve nutrition by encouraging farmers to plant a new variety of sweet potato called SPK004 that is rich in betacarotene, which the body converts into vitamin A. The plan has good chances of success, since sweet potato is a staple of the region’s diet and agriculture, and the varieties currently grown contain little beta-carotene. Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the prediction that the plan will succeed?  

  • 【阅读RC】

    Which of the following is included in the discussion of the cursorial hypothesis but not in the discussion of the arboreal hypothesis?

  • 【逻辑CR】

    It is illegal to advertise prescription medications in Hedland except directly to physicians, either by mail or in medical journals.  A proposed law would allow general advertising of prescription medications.  Opponents object that the general population lacks the specialized knowledge to evaluate such advertisements and might ask their physicians for inappropriate medications.  But since physicians have the final say as to whether to prescribe a medication for a patient, inappropriate prescriptions would not become more common. Which of the following would it be most useful to establish in order to evaluate the argument?

  • 【逻辑CR】

    【OG20-P595-717题】Which of the following most logically completes the passage?According to the last pre-election poll in Whippleton, most voters believe that the three problems government needs to address, in order of importance, are pollution, crime, and unemployment. Yet in the election, candidates from parties perceived as strongly against pollution were defeated, while those elected were all from parties with a history of opposing legislation designed to reduce pollution.These results should not be taken to indicate that the poll was inaccurate, however, since __________

  • 【逻辑CR】

    【OG20-P594-715题】Several industries have recently switched at least partly from older technologies powered by fossil fuels to new technologies powered by electricity. It is thus evident that less fossil fuel is being used as a result of the operations of these industries than would have been used if these industries had retained their older technologies.Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument above? 

  • 【句子改错SC】

    In July 1965 Mariner IV passed by Mars and took the first-ever close-up photographs of another planet, which showed that the Martian surface was like that of the Moon's in that it was pockmarked by moonlike craters and was dry and apparently dead.

  • 【逻辑CR】

    A survey of entrepreneurs who started companies last year shows that while virtually all did substantial preparatory research and planning, only half used that work to produce a formal business plan.  Since, on average, the entrepreneurs without formal plans secured the capital they needed in half the time of those with plans, these survey results indicate that, in general, formal plans did not help the entrepreneurs who produced them to secure the capital they needed. Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument?

  • 【问题求解PS】

    【OG20-P181-230题】The value of   is how many times the value of 2-17?

  • 【句子改错SC】

    To Josephine Baker, Paris was her home long before it was fashionable to be an expatriate, and she remained in France during the Second World War as a performer and an intelligence agent for the Resistance. 

  • 【阅读RC】

    【OG20-P459-606题】The author of the passage mentions "escape velocity"  in order to help explain which of the following?

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